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This workshop is for successful professionals who find themselves saying, "I want my life back".


Built on the principles of organizational design, life design is a step-by-step methodology which identifies dysfunctional aspects of life flow, practices, structures and systems, realigns them to fit current life realities/goals and then develops plans to implement the new changes.

Life Design is all about living with authenticity and truly becoming the author of your life.


Change is scary, especially in the workplace. This workshop is designed for professionals who will soon be, or who currently are experiencing significant organizational change. Improve your ability to understand and manage change by understanding how people respond to change, 7 traits of change readiness, critical success factors of change management, and 3 steps to managing chaos.

What participants have said:

"Exciting, engaging, and very relatable to our work environment."

"I liked the demonstration of clarifying goals and appreciated learning how to utilize the 4-parts to have the tough discussion."

Manage Yourself, Lead Others

To lead an extraordinary team, you must first live an extraordinary life.

In this 10-part series, you will discovery how to  lead others with authenticity and courage, and build strong teams on a foundation of trust. You will develop as a skilled listener and coach and understand why employees leave and the secret to increasing employee engagement and satisfaction. 


In a survey conducted in 2017 by Quantum Workplace (2018, The State of Miscommunication), 81% of employees responded to say that workplace miscommunication occurred very frequently. Interestingly, of the 1,300 survey participants, 50% said they do not contribute to the problem of miscommunication.

In this 1-hour interactive workshop teams of five (5) engage in a hands-on communication challenge. Following the hands-on exercise, participants debrief as a large group and share their personal reflection of the experience.


The workshop wraps up with self-identified, concrete communication strategies to immediately incorporate in the workplace.


Beginning with an understanding of one's own culture and continuing through interactions with individuals from various cultures, cultural competency weaves traditional Hawaiian practices, proverbs, and values into a contemporary business setting.

Participants gain a deeper awareness of their cultural lens, discover nuances of "local style", and develop an appreciation for a global, diverse, worldview.

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