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Becoming A Woman: Lesson Three

Dear Daughters,

Some of the hardest days

are the ones

where I am called to bear witness.

I can't save anyone.

I can't be a hero.

I can only witness,

and with my presence say,

I see you.

There are no magic words, no magic wands.

There is no valiant journey to make, or quest to perform.

I can only be in the tragedy

and with voiceless words convey,

I am here.

I used to admire those who could

dive down,

and with strong arms

swoop and save.

But how far do you fly

when the terror

lives inside?

I used to think the bravest ones

wielded magnificent swords

to banish the beast.

Now, I much more admire those

who summon the courage

to befriend it.

I think -

The superpower

of womanhood

is the strength to stand

in the tragic gap

and the fortitude to sit with another

in their pain.

I think -

our magic

is the healing we bestow

when we see and hold

what others think

must be kept in the dark.

You truly are made of magic and stardust.

Always and in all ways.

I love you,



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