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A Spot of Her Own

In my tribe there are 2 bigs, 2 littles, and my Marvelous Middle - Honey.

For over a year I was wanting to give her a very special place to store her treasures and have as her very own. I considered a toy chest but could never find exactly what I was looking for. I was just about to ask D to build her a boring, but functional shelf/desk going across the length of her bedroom when my Sister told me about murphy desks. I had never heard about murphy desks, but after a few clicks on Pinterest, my heart began to sing! This was exactly what I wanted for Honey.


We used the free plans from Shanty To Chic.


Honey absolutely loves her desk. I love that she has a place to do her crafts and homework and store all her little treasures. It folds up to completely close - not only keeping the littles out of her stuff - but also leaving a lot of space in the bedroom when its not in use.

Warning: Mid-way through the project we realized it required pocket holes. Pocket holes require a jig that is easy to get from a hardware store, but costs about $99.00. Because that drove the price of the project up quite a bit, we ended up making a second murphy desk for my son. The materials for each desk cost a little over $100 and took a couple days to complete.

I love the desks so much I'm trying to figure out how we can design a murphy house!

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