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Simplifying... One Shoe At A Time

Perhaps it's age.

Perhaps it's because I am currently living in a lovely, older, single wall redwood home that does not have a walk in closet.

Perhaps it's true that the richer life becomes, the less you need to fill it with stuff.

Whatever the reason, I've found myself craving a simple, uncluttered life and have taken my shoe "collection" down to just a few staples. Like any addiction, I didn't do this all in one day, and to be honest, I still have a few of my heels stored in plastic shoe boxes on the top shelf of the closet. But, I have been able to go from (a lot) of shoes, down to these basic three. Here's what I did to simplify.


First, every closet needs a fabulous pair of black heels. I chose the Calvin Klein Vable sandal. It goes with everything. I often travel inter-island for work, and these are not only very comfortable to walk around in, they also come off really easily when going through security at the airport.

My second go-to pair are these. Almost every day for the past year, I have worn these nude Michael Kors Simone heels. I still get compliments from co-workers on them and am puzzled because I wear them almost every day. These are perfect for dressing up any outfit, while still looking appropriate for Hawai'i weather and business casual.

I bought these Michael Kors Cicely wedges a few summers ago when I was pregnant with my fifth child and felt like I needed something other than 4" stilettos. Because I stretched them out when my feet were swollen, they are now oh so comfy, and my go to sandal that I wear with anything casual - maxi dresses, maxi skirts, jeans, linen pants - they go with everything.

I also have a brown pair of boots and a black pair of boots that I wear mostly when I travel to the mainland, but also on occasion here when it's especially rainy or cold. Now that we are moving out of "winter", I will probably store them away for a bit. When storing my boots, I use a pool noodle cut to the height of the boot to help them keep their shape.

Finally, like any girl in Hawai'i, there is one final must have..... and my favorite rubbah slippah is by Sanuk. It's made from the same squishy material as yoga mats and feels amazing. It does really well at the beach and holds up walking through salt water and on rough lava rocks.

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