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Less Laundry, More Time

There are a few household chores that I absolutely love. Vacuuming. I can vacuum 5 times a day. Vacuuming is so satisfying. No one asks me questions when I am vacuuming. Littles start picking up things like leggos and shopkins without being asked. It's magical.

Then there are chores that I hate. Making the bed. I never do it. D does it every day. I try to tell him that it's actually better to let the sheets air out but he doesn't believe me.

When it comes to laundry, it's love/hate. I love to fold and hang clothes up to make perfect matching outfits. I hang everything except undies, socks, and shorts/pants for humans over 6 years old. What I hate about laundry is putting it away. I have no idea why, I just hate it. It's a good way, however, to get the littles involved in helping out with chores.

With a family of 7, laundry can easily take an entire day if D and I don't stay on top of it throughout the week. One small change in our towel usage has significantly helped to lessen the load (!).

A couple years ago, my mom gave each little a monogramed bath towel. They absolutely love their towels - it's one of the very few things that they don't have to share with each other. The littles know exactly where to hang their towel to dry and they use the same towel all week. The towels do not get musty and gross and dry really well and are ready for use by the next evening.

*Disclaimer* This does not work with the teen. She is not easily impressed with the novelty of a monogramed towel. She still hordes mountains of towels in her room. However, she does her own laundry so, it's not a big deal.

As for D and I, we didn't get a monogrammed towel for Christmas, but we have fallen in love with the bath towels from Norwex. I found out about Norwex through a virtual party on Facebook. The towels are made from microfiber, they are super lightweight, very absorbent, and have a Baclock technology (I'm not a scientist but I think it has something to do with bacteria) that allows the towels to not get super stinky between washes. Our Norwex towels stay fresh smelling the entire week. I would love to eventually replace all my towels with Norwex towels.

I got mine through Teri Jaye - and you can email her here.

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