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Everyday Mundane Miracles

I didn’t realize it was the last.

The last crawl, the last diaper,

The last time you’d run to the door to greet me with cards of love you’d drawn.

The the last time you’d ask me a question because you thought I knew the answer to everything.

It was all routine and ordinary,

Until it suddenly stopped.

I didn’t notice right away, but when I did,

What had been routine, mundane, and sometimes - a hassle - became cherished, treasured, remarkable,


Today, you are 16.

You lie in bed all weekend dreaming up audacious plans for your future,

Blame me for the pitfalls of your life,

Run away,

Do things I would have never done to my mother.

It threatens to become routine, mundane, and sometimes - a hassle.

But I know that this season too,

Is remarkable.

And yes, miraculous.

Just when I thought you had completely detached

You text.

Hey mom, I need your help. What do you think about….

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